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Creating healthcare networks

Fujifilm is committed to building a healthcare network. By connecting doctor's offices, general hospitals, and specialized hospitals, patients can receive advanced medical care more readily. Medical services would improve in both quality and efficiency. Fujifilm is looking toward the future of medicine.

1.If doctor's offices and general hospitals were connected…

Doctor's offices that are easily accessible to patients; general hospitals that have modalities such as CT and MRI. If these are connected by a healthcare network, doctor's offices will be able to book exams at imaging centers, general hospitals and diagnoses at specialized medical institutions, and patients will be able to receive advanced medical care more readily.

2.Fujifilm's healthcare network: safe and easy to use

Medical information such as medical records shared by doctor's offices and general hospitals is private patient information. Strict management is essential. In addition to connecting doctor's offices and general hospitals with a network, Fujifilm also provides meticulous advice regarding information management and system operations to build networks that are safe and easy to use.

3.Fujifilm's technology, connecting medicine

It's said that about half of the CT and MRI modalities in the world are in Japan. Yet we are short of radiologists who can harness these. If medicine is connected and many doctors can partner with each other, both the quality and efficiency of medical care will improve.
Expansion of the healthcare network means expansion of advanced medical care to protect lives. Fujifilm's technology is looking to change the way that Japan provides medical care.