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Entering through the nose

Fujifilm has driven the evolution of transnasal endoscope technology. Visibility has improved dramatically with a newly engineered lens and the Super CCD Honeycom that has significantly enhanced resolution. Optical and digital imaging technology. Fujifilm’s technology contributes to early detection of stomach cancer.

1. A transnasal endoscope that slips easily into the nose

An increasing number of patients today are electing to use the transnasal endoscope, an endoscope that is inserted through the nose. This endoscope slips easily into the nose and won’t irritate the root of the tongue. This reduces the gagging reflex and enables patients to talk with the doctor during the examination. In fact, more than 97% of patients who experienced transnasal endoscopy responded in a survey that they would elect to use it next time also.
Conventional The latest
Conventional model Latest model

2. Dramatically improved visibility with Fujifilm’s transnasal endoscope technology

The diameter of the transnasal endoscope is 5.9 mm, thinner than the tip of your little finger. This device achieves quality images comparable to transoral endoscopes that have nearly twice the thickness by featuring a newly engineered lens and the Super CCD Honeycom with dramatically enhanced resolution. The view angle has been expanded to 140 degrees, which is the same as a transoral endoscope, and it is capable of macrophotography from a distance of just 3 mm. High-definition images provide improved visibility, with a brightness that extends to the surrounding areas.

3. For early detection of stomach cancer

Endoscopic examinations are effective for early detection of stomach cancer. Fujifilm develops technology in collaboration with doctors to make it easier to find even small lesions and to reduce the number of people who dislike endoscopic exams with this endoscope that enters through the nose.
"Gentle to patients; easy for doctors." This thin, pliant transnasal endoscope is packed with Fujifilm’s technology.
95% Would prefer transnasal endoscope next time also.