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Pets & Fujifilm Examining pets

Unlike humans, pets can't answer questions about their condition or describe their own symptoms.
Fujifilm offers medical equipment such as a digital x-ray imaging diagnosis system and blood analysis equipment that are of the same quality as those used on humans. Fujifilm technology helps to protect the health of your precious pet.

1.Examinations are crucial in veterinary medicine. Animals can’t say where it hurts.

Where is the illness? Where does it hurt?
In veterinary medicine, the quality of the examination is crucial to find abnormal changes in pets because they are unable to communicate to the doctor themselves.
Fujifilm offers a variety of advanced medical technologies to identify detailed conditions in the body, contributing to speedy and appropriate treatment.
Digital x-ray Imaging system    X-ray image (dog)

2.The digital x-ray imaging system that vividly captures your pet’s health condition is also prevalent in medical treatment for humans.

Fujifilm has expanded its digital x-ray imaging system (Fuji Computed Radiography, FCR) to veterinary medicine.
With high-definition images that can capture even microscopic lesions, this helps veterinarians to make an accurate diagnosis.
An easy-to-see diagnosis for veterinarians and pet owners alike.

In the future, digitalized x-ray images will be matched up with electronic medical charts and networked medical imaging, linking to next-generation medical infrastructure.

3.These days, results from blood tests are available immediately.Today, it’s possible for your beloved dog or cat to have an examination.

A blood test that takes hours is excruciating for your ill and suffering pet.
With Fujifilm's proprietary dry-chemistry technology, we have created a device (FUJI DRI-CHEM) that can complete blood tests quickly.
blood analysis device