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Revolutionizing cosmetics

Fujifilm continues to make breakthrough innovations in skincare. One example is moisture retention, which is crucial to skincare. Fujifilm has developed human-type ceramides that prevent dryness-induced skin trouble by restoring the natural function of the skin.

1.The mechanism of dry skin.

On the outermost layer of the skin, intercellular lipids, mainly ceramides, fill in the crevices of the horny cell layer. As those ceramides decrease with age, moisture evaporates from the body. The dam-like function of moisture storage is diminished and the skin begins to dry.

2.Human-type nano ceramides seal off the crevices of the horny cell layer.

Fujifilm developed human-type ceramides that have the same molecular structure as human ceramides to prevent dryness that leads to skin trouble. The ceramides repair the crevices of the horny cells to prevent moisture loss. This revitalizes the skin’s function and restores its youthfulness.

3.Fujifilm's molecular sequence technology neatly arranges molecules.

Fujifilm has designed particles in a way that ceramides, which tend to crystallize, are able to stay separate. A high concentrate of ceramides was successfully achieved without adding any excess ingredients.
A shift from cosmetics that show the skin beautifully, to cosmetics that restore the skin's functions. Fujifilm's unique technology is about to change the concept of cosmetics.