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LCD & Fujifilm Illuminating LCD

For a liquid crystal display to project beautifully, a film that lets the light pass straight through is required.
Fujifilm's TAC film is one of the few films in the world with this capability.
All of us rely on products using LCDs such as televisions, computers, and mobile phones every day. Fujifilm technology is used inside the screen.

1.LCD televisions, computers,mobile phones, digital cameras,  car navigation systems… Fujifilm is everywhere!

Since entering the 21st century, the number of liquid crystal display (flat panel display) products has grown rapidly.
These LCD panels are extremely popular for their slim-lined size and, stunning clarity. Did you know that Fujifilm controls the light and color inside those liquid crystal displays?
Fujifilm's high-performance film for LCD is used in many products.
Standard transparent film. Light distorts and a rainbow pattern unavoidably emerges.

2.Letting the light pass straight through seems simple, doesn’t it ? Actually, it is a complex and highly technical process. Fujifilm’s TAC film.

Unless the illumination from the LCD backlight goes straight through, it's impossible to project beautiful images.
To do this, we need a flat and smooth film as transparent as possible that allows the light to pass straight through. Only a few companies in the world can produce this. Fujifilm is one of them.

3.These are our partners for LCD screens. Fujifilm’s four pieces of film.


4.The reason that digital camera screens are viewer-friendly in sunlight. Why car navigation screens are viewer-friendly from the driver’s seat.

Digital cameras are used outdoors. LCD televisions and computers are placed near windows.
There are plenty of situations in which glare from sunshine is a concern, but Fujifilm has solved this with the development of antireflective CV film.
In fact. it's also our high-performance WV film that made a 160-degree viewing angle possible for beautiful LCD images.