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Printing with five billion droplets per second

Fujifilm developed the world’s fastest* inkjet printing technology. B2-size sheets can be printed one sheet per second, 3,600 sheets per hour. We took both speed and ultra-high definition image processing to an entirely new level.

*3,600 sheets per hour, B2 sheets, compared to sheetfed presses in the market as of March 2019 (researched by Fujifilm)

1.Printhead driving pulse that controls two-picoliter*

Speed and quality. Our ultra-high definition printheads overcome the challenge of taking both to an entirely new level by discharging up to five billion ink droplets per second.

Those ink droplets are discharged through nozzles and measure two picoliters. Each droplet is accurately controlled with multiple pulses to form dots right on target, reproducing ultra-high definition images.

*1 picoliter: one-trillionth of a liter


2.Printhead modules with 2,048 nozzles

The printhead modules, which make the world’s fastest inkjet printing possible, have 2,048 nozzles. These are equipped with our unique structure to circulate ink near the nozzles, preventing clogging from ink adherence and other and making it possible to use high-performance water-based inks.

For even better quality printing, a scan is conducted immediately after ink discharge to detect any imprecisions and correct artifacts like streaks and other irregularities.

3.Fujifilm’s inkjet digital printing technology

Fujifilm has combined and enhanced its printhead, ink, and image processing technologies to tremendously improve inkjet printing performance.

Printhead modules that discharge up to five billion ink droplets per second; digital control technology that accurately controls these; chemical technology that creates inks with vibrant color rendering and excellent physical and chemical tolerance; image processing technology that instantly detects imprecisions to correct artifacts and irregularities.

Fujifilm technologies honed in the development of chemistry and precision instruments are rendered onto a single sheet of printed matter.