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The Future & Fujifilm Opening up the future

When researchers from different fields meet up, totally unexpected and wonderful things can happen. There are no limits.
With that in mind, researchers from Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, Toyama Chemical and other companies in the Fujifilm group gather to share their ideas.
Different fields including fine chemicals, advanced material chemistry, biotechnology, devices, electronics & mechatronics, optics, and software have come together for intellectual fusion and innovation to create new value.
Through these activities, Fujifilm works for the happiness of people three years, ten years, and even 100 years into the future.

1.The Fujifilm Group’s cutting edge engineers unite!  Under the new concept of intellectual fusion, innovation, and value creation, this research center will generate new technologies and new businesses.

Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories will integrate the research, knowledge, and methods of engineers in different fields to create new technologies and businesses and deliver completely new value to people around the world under the concept of "intellectual fusion, innovation, and value creation."

The new research center brings cutting-edge engineers from the various Fujifilm Group companies and divisions who were conducting research in their respective facilities under one roof.
We have created a research structure that enables the intellectual fusion of several hundred researchers.
Group companies
Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories
Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories
Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories

2.The intellect of several hundred people from a variety of fields ! The saying is “two heads are better than one”…  this collection of knowledge is on an epic scale.

Our aspiration is to open up the future by bringing engineers together from a variety of fields (intellectual fusion). Researchers from all areas of expertise will stimulate each other from exposure to contact with each other's research fields, knowledge, and methods.
This is a place where new interaction will result in inventions.

Not only that, the Fujifilm Group's business domain is spreading into many different fields.
This research environment, a place where these many different fields come together, is unique in the world. We have achieved technical collaboration on a magnificent scale.

3.A laboratory that flexibly changes according to the development theme. Also an “Open Laboratory” for collaborating with universities and other companies !

Throughout the new research center, we have incorporated design elements that intentionally encourage engineers from different fields to collaborate. For example, the laboratory is an open and flexible space.
While the conventional image of working as a researcher is being holed up in a closed room, we created a large shared room without partitions or walls so that researchers can freely gather and disperse as needed according to the development theme.
This new laboratory has eliminated barriers. Its doors are open also to universities and other companies for joint research.
Open plan workspace