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Learning from the human eye

The human eye automatically adjusts to brightness at the cellular level in order to see an object. If a camera functioned like a human eye, everyone could shoot perfect photos every time.

1.The Super CCD EXR was modeled after the human eye.

Learning from the human eye, Fujifilm developed a new color filter array and an innovative image control technology. The Super CCD EXR meticulously controls individual sensors approximately 1/1000mm in size, depending on different shooting conditions. It then synthesizes the signals from sensors with different sensitivities into a single picture using an image-processing engine.

※ It is a sample image

2.A camera that can even automatically adjust the pixel count to shoot under all conditions.

A resolution that vividly captures the fine details. A high sensitivity that creates beautiful photos even in a dark environment. A dynamic range that recreates both dark and light areas. This is the birth of an innovative camera that can even automatically adjust the pixel count to shoot the best quality photos under all conditions.

3.Fujifilm’s technology looks to the future of the camera.

Fujifilm's technology ensures the ultimate image quality. Anyone can take beautiful photos. You won't ruin that once-in-a-lifetime photo.

How close can the camera get to the human eye?
Can the camera re-create what the human eye sees?

Fujifilm is looking toward the future of the camera.