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Draft Beer & Fujifilm Making draft beer taste better

Fujifilm makes the yeast filters that are used right before cans and bottles are filled with draft beer.
This filter has stabilized the quality of canned and bottled beer, and as a result, non-pasteurized draft beer is now available at home.
Fujifilm’s filter technology, which evolved from opening microscopic holes in photo film, is being used to create that delicious glass of beer you enjoy.

1.Photographic film technology now used for draft beer?

Since the founding of Fujifilm, photographic film technology has been one of our fundamental technologies.
Here, we introduce a bit of trivia about how this technology evolved, and evolved, and evolved, and its role in creating the draft beer that everyone enjoys!

2.What if we punched holes in the film? What if we changed the material?


Using photographic film technology as a base, Fujifilm engineers took on the challenge of two specific notions:

Research on these two topics merged, and after several years of work, the porous filter was invented. This porous filter with countless microscopic holes has unmatched capability for catching tiny things - even objects less than one micron!

3.Creating the era of draft beer in Japan! Inventing a filter for yeast.

Since 1970, Fujifilm has helped beer makers develop beer with a new delicious taste.
In the final step of crafting a beer, the yeast must be filtered to preserve the taste after it is canned or bottled. Fujifilm's porous filter does a spectacular job in catching this yeast!
Close-up of porous filter
Draft beer plant
The removal of yeast is fully guaranteed due to the innovative technology used in this filter.
Pasteurization is no longer required. Brewing in Japan has changed forever.
At the time in Japan, draft beer could only be enjoyed at special bars and restaurants. Delicious draft beer became available in cans and bottles for enjoyment at home. Cheers!

* There are also draft beer manufacturing processes that don't use this filter.

4.Draft beer created in partnership with beer companies tasted exceptional.

Both the Fujifilm technical team and the beer company employees who spent years developing this filter were ecstatic over their achievement.
The delicious taste of this new beer completely eliminated their fatigue from the years of working on this development. This is the draft beer everyone enjoys today.

5.Ever-evolving technology. From film to beer to…  what's next?

There's even more to the story of porous filters. Fujifilm continued to develop new applications for this porous filter with its unmatched capability of catching microscopic matter. As of 2007, this technology is flourishing beyond the world of draft beer.

6.Blood tests and DNA isolation with this filter technology !

It can catch components in blood and even DNA!
Porous filter technology is also used in the biochemical blood tests you're familiar with from health check-ups, gene analysis, food traceability, crime investigation, and in the latest DNA tests.
DNA model