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Polishing the 8K lens

Fujifilm has established technology to polish lenses to the nano level. 8K broadcasting had its full-scale launch on December 1, 2018 in Japan, and Fujifilm’s 8K broadcast lenses play a critical role on its video shooting sites.

1.8K lenses for shooting ultra high-definition footage

8K broadcasting features 33 megapixel images, which is 16 times the resolution of high-definition—full HD. The High-Vision lenses have accuracy of a submicron* level, but still cannot adequately render the ultra high-definition 8K footage and makes it look blurry.

In light of this, Fujifilm developed the 8K lens, which elevated lens accuracy to the nano** level.

*Submicron: 1/10000mm; 1/10 micron

**Nano: 1/1000000mm; 1/1000 micron


2.Optical technology that achieved accuracy to the nano level

Optical design, mechanical design, polishing, assembly. Developed by reexamining the entire lens manufacturing process, the 8K lens has surface accuracy with tolerance of 0.0000002 or less. If this 8K lens were enlarged to the size of the Kanto Plain (17,000 square kilometers) surrounding Tokyo, bumps or indentations on its surface would be smaller than a golf ball.

To manufacture ultra high-definition 8K lenses, Fujifilm independently developed equipment such as ultraprecision machine tools and laser interferometer to analyze deviations at the nano level. In the final stage of the manufacturing process, a specially trained technician polishes the lens to correct the nano deviation and achieve the ultimate accuracy.

3.Fujifilm’s quest for lens accuracy to achieve better image quality

The focal length of the 8K broadcast lens developed by Fujifilm is 35 to 700mm. The 20x zoom lens offers 35mm-equivalent focal length of 53.7 to 1074mm for unprecedented 8K ultra high-definition broadcasting.

High resolution, high contrast, high dynamic range. Our optical technology used to create lenses with nano-level accuracy is applied not only to 8K broadcast lenses, but to all Fujifilm-made lenses, including lenses to shoot photos and film and lenses for transnasal endoscopes.